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Greetings and salutations! My husband and I started our journey over 30 years ago. We met at a wood working class in college and have been joined at the hip ever since. Our passion for toys and woodworking brought us together and now we see our children following in our foot steps. It has been almost 20 years ago that we opened up a small toy store in our town. My husband and I enlisted help of our friends and family to eventually see our store flourish in our community. To say we’ve been blessed would be an understatement. Eventually, we made our way to the internet with some help with family and friends and opened an online store. Sad to say those days are long behind us and we are more focused on building passion projects. We do take jobs here and there, but it is in on case by case basis. Now, we just want to share our passion of woodworking and toys with the world. Hopefully we will be able to have a photographer come and document some of our projects every now and then as we blog some of our findings and personal projects.

We find ourselves a midst of all this new technology and new tools to accomplish bigger and more intricate projects. Our main focus these past few years has been on some neat and interesting projects we’ve never done before. We’re justĀ  glad we could share our passion with more people outside of just toys. There is just something about the way wood feels, smells, and all the possibilities that inspire us on a day to day basis.