Photo Booth Special Project

So we’ve been contacted by this company out in the Los Angeles area. The company provides a photo booth in and around Los Angeles and Orange County for all types of events. For more information you can visit their website here Needless to say, Tom and I were a little hesitant to take on the job, but after skyping with the company we were kind of excited to take on the task. Furthermore, they had a clear picture of the type of booth along with the different intricate pieces and dimensions. Their first photo booth build will be made out of walnut. If all goes well, they are open to suggestions for a second build. We certainly can’t wait to see what we can produce based on their guidelines and our craftsmanship.

To be honest, I never knew things like these existed. The photo booths I remember are those ones you see at the fair or in the mall. The photo booth where you would hop inside, pull the curtain closed, and wait 5 minutes for your print to come out. After doing a little more digging and research it seems like the photo booth scene has come a long way. Not only do you not have to cram yourself in a box, but apparently the prints come out in like ten seconds now. The setup they have is more like a photo studio with a classic twist, how brilliant! We also came across this website that lists old school photo booths around the world. I think we might just look up our local photo booth and hop in for nostalgia sake. It’s always fun to play in those booths and snap silly photos.

dog photo booth

I was doing some research on photo booths and came across this darling photo. We have a pit and a frenchie and would love for them to have a photo like this! Isn’t this picture just all kinds of adorable? Gosh, all the things I came across reminds me of how much I love photography. When I have a moment I would love to finally learn how to use a camera correctly, but I swear I’ve been saying that for years. I came across this website from the New Yorker. The website came up looking for the term photo booth, but it wasn’t really photo booth photos… However, it’s what actually sparked my joy for photography again. The images that people capture are just beautiful. You can literally tell a whole story in a single photo. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

We found this neat little video and might try to jerry rig this up in our work space.

That is enough of me ranting though, we can’t wait to get started on the project. They have provided us some general sketches along with a 3d rendering of what they would like. The work they put in beforehand definitely saves us some time and headache during the process. Having a clear vision of what your client wants puts you light years ahead when starting a project.