Wooden Toys Are Just Plain Better

wooden toys are better

Prior to the discovery of plastic and other synthetic products, wood was the favourite material for toys.  But even if there are other materials now, wooden toys are still the choice by a lot of moms and dads and educators. We certainly stuck to wooden toys with our own children. A standard reason would be is that wood has toughness and also for ecological concerns. Wood toys are likewise naturally gorgeous, smooth textures, contain a natural odor and it holds weight. We definitely love the different textures and smells that each different type of wood displays.

Some wooden toys and projects we have done:

Shape arranging cubes
Even dog houses!

Toys made out of wood show more value for your money generally because they are going to last longer than synthetic-based toys. Kids can toss them around or pound them and you can be ensured that they don’t quickly break. It is not uncommon for wood toys to be handed from the first born to the rest of the brother or sisters. Some of these toys are even passed from one generation to the other. These sort of toys are likewise simple to fix and can be recycled into another type of toy. They can likewise be saved for a long period of time when they are no more played with.

Wooden toys are environmental-friendly because they don’t require batteries or any source of energy. They are bio-degradable and can be disposed of quickly.

Even if these toys are chewed upon, they are finished with non-toxic substances. Structure blocks, puzzles and ride-on toys are ideal for older children.

The most popular is the foundation. They aid in the creative and constructive play of kids. Another popular one is the xylophone, a musical instrument, which can develop a child’s rhythm and melody. There are animal shaped wooden toys to help in identification. Wooden puzzle toys are academic games that are good for hand-eye coordination. Such toy would be ideal for a pre-schooler.

Wood toys are suggested as help for much better child advancement over most other toys. They can promote the young mind to new methods of having fun with the toy and expand the kid’s creativity. As the child gets older, he or she will discover other ways to have fun with wooden toys. An example would be the wooden blocks, at an early age; the blocks can be stacked one on top of the other without purpose or meaning. When the kid is a pre-schooler, the building blocks can be a help in colour recognition or perhaps checking out easy words.

I know most of you reading this should be old enough to remember the types of toys we grew up with. On top of the reasons I mentioned there is just this nostalgia factor that coincides with wooden toys. They just don’t make toys how they used to.